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VoIP has been improved a lot since it started and now we can enjoy really good programs such as this one which offers really good sound quality and for free.

SmartVoIP offers you the possibility to send SMS to mobile phones at very low rates, free calls from computer to computer, chat with other SmartVoIP users,...

Not only can you make free calls from computer to computer, but you can also make free calls from phone to phone, what makes SmartVoIP to be a very good choice, because you won't need a microphone or speakers, just your phone.

It offers very low rates, some destinations are totally free and the rest of them are very cheap, so we recommend you to use SmartVoIP if you want to phone your friends who are living in other countries, if you are on holidays,... in short, if you want to save a good money when phoning, SmartVoIP is a very good choice.
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